Other Ministries


Our choir frequently sings traditional hymns and songs for special music by groups and artists such as Sovereign Grace Music, Matt Papa, CityAlight, and Matt Boswell, as well as original songs written by the choir director, Pastor Ryan. The choir also sings special selections of songs on Sundays around Easter and Christmas. The choir practices before Sunday evening LIFE Services at 5:00 PM. If you would like to join, please let Pastor Ryan or a choir member know!


Woman’s Missionary Union

As a missions ministry within a congregation, Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU) encourages and provides opportunities for all church members and other participants to be aware of and involved in missions and cooperates with other missions ministries within the congregation to help the congregation fulfill its missions potential.

Financial support of missionaries has always been a priority for women involved in WMU. The efforts to raise money for the two mission boards are known today as the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions. The Christmas offering originated in 1888 and was named for Lottie Moon in 1918. The Easter offering originated in 1895 and was named for Annie Armstrong in 1934. The two offerings remained women’s offerings until 1956, when WMU agreed to promote the offerings churchwide. By the end of 1998, WMU had helped lead Southern Baptists to contribute nearly $2.5 billion to the two offerings.

Our church chapter meets on select Mondays at 6:00 PM.


God’s Closet

God’s Closet, located at the John R. Rice, II Center, is a diverse ministry to needy families in the Clay County area. Volunteers and supporters of God’s Closet provide food, clothing, home items, and the Gospel to those in need.

Each month, people can collect six articles of clothing per member of a household. Health and beauty items like hygiene products and diapers are also available. Every Monday, community members are welcome to a meal provided by the Breaking Bread meal program, a partnership with Advent Health. God’s Closet also provides prom dresses, wedding dresses, suits, and baby shower items.

Facilitating Missions: During the summer and on select Saturdays throughout the year, Pastor Ken and other God’s Closet volunteers coordinate with out-of-state mission teams frequently travel to Manchester to repair porches, stairs, and ramps for those in need. They also help distribute food, clothing, backpacks, blankets, and frozen turkeys. Mission teams also evangelize by working with children and youth at block parties, Backyard Bible Clubs, and Vacation Bible Schools.

Want to help? Resources needed include food, good used or new clothing (in good repair, sorted & sized), back-to-school packs, hygiene packs, new mom packs, and diapers.

God’s Closet is open every Monday and Thursday from 3:00 – 5:00 PM.


Warm Souls for Worn Soles

WSfWS is our community’s homeless shelter. Pastor Ken took the lead, and other community members and churches stepped up to make it happen. The WSfWS building is currently undergoing repairs and renovations. When operational, area churches, including MBC, take turns providing one week’s worth of hot dinners for all residents and volunteers.



Our hospitality ministry focuses on caring for families who are grieving by providing meals. We also make sure guests are welcome at our services and have any questions they have answered quickly.


Foreign Missions