“Drive-In” Worship Service April 12

Manchester Baptist Church will hold its Easter Sunday worship service as a “drive-in” service at the Clay County Community Center parking lot weather permitting.

In order to abide by health and safety directives and to protect yourself and the church:

  1. Do not exit your vehicle at any time during the service. Crack your windows, pray, sing, read Scripture along with your church family, and partake of the Lord’s Supper all from within your vehicle.
  2. One family group living in one home per car–this is the guideline.
  3. One car per family *as possible* in order to ensure adequate parking.
  4. Enter the east entrance (nearest to HWY 421) slowly and be attentive to those directing you where to park. Vehicles must be parked in an orderly fashion and six feet apart. Plan to arrive a few minutes early to accommodate organized parking.

This will be an abbreviated service–about 30 minutes long. Since there will be no exiting of vehicles to use restroom facilities and small children will be sitting in vehicles, we want to keep this shorter than normal services.

311 HWY 638, Manchester, KY 40962

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